GNOME.Asia 2013 Seoul Report

After GNOME.Asia 2012 hosted in Hong Kong, I was invited to join GNOME Asia committee, and started works with other members to call for host of 2013 summit in the committee.

After reading proposals and reference websites from potential hosts, I voted Seoul as host of GNOME.Asia Summit 2013, because I found that they run a good local GNOME community with monthly user meetups. It is great for us to bring GNOME developers and topics to Seoul, and meet their local GNOME community. And we can know more about their community as well.

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GNOME.Asia 2014 to be held in Beijing


Hosting GNOME.Asia Summit 2014
May 24-25, 2014

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Beijing has been selected as the venue of our upcoming GNOME.Asia Summit 2014. GNOME.Asia Summit 2014 follows the release of GNOME 3.12, helping to bring new desktop paradigms that facilitate user interaction in the computing world. It will be a great place to celebrate and explore the many new features and enhancements to GNOME 3 and to help make GNOME as successful as possible.

The first ever GNOME.Asia Summit 2008 was hosted in Beijing. It will be great for GNOME.Asia to come back to Beijing again in the year of 2014. Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China has been the political and cultural center of China for centuries. The city is renowned for its opulent palaces, temples, huge stone walls and gates, and its art treasures and universities have made it a center of culture and art in China. There are good airport connections, and train/bus/subway infrastructure. We believe that hosting the event in Beijing will bring the spotlight on GNOME and make an impact locally, regionally and internationally in terms of business and community building.

The venue for the conference will be the BeiHang University (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), which has been at the center of the GNOME.Asia Community for many years. Many of the repeat organizers of the GNOME.Asia Summit are based in Beijing.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the GNOME.Asia 2014 bidding process. We look forward to working with you more in the future!

GNOME.Asia Committee

GNOME Asia Summit 2013, Seoul, Korea

After I hosted GNOME Asia Summit in Hong Kong last year, I am invited to be join its Asia committee and started from calling for  next host of the Asia summit this year.

When I was selecting from potential teams, I perfer Seoul as the host of GNOME.Asia Summit 2013 this year. From their proposal and website, I found that they run a really good local GNOME community, for an example, they organizes a monthly user meetup.

So, it is great for us to bring GNOME developers and topics to Seoul from oversea. We can meet with their local community and we know more about their community as well.

And after Korea team is selected as the summit host this year, I joined most of online meeting to help to organize the summit.

Since I was late to submit my topic, so I presented 2 lightning talks, one in day 1 and another in day 2.

(Day 1) IBus Chinese input methods for HongKongers – Problem, Solution, Future.

(Day 2) Introducing COSCUP – the largest open source conference in Taiwan

And I took photos during this summit, and I selected some pictures and uploaded most of them to my flickr and facebook. And we collected photos into 2013 summit flickr group from participants.

It is nice to meet with GNOME folks again in a foreign country. With strong support from NIPA, the main hall with a back stage is great. After I contribute to GNOME Asia community for 2 years, it’s my first time to meet with Karen – the executive director of GNOME, and listened her keynote speech. And Allan Day is another keynote speaker and again.

I spent 60% time at main hall for technical topics, 40% time at classroom for some specified topics, and helped around if need me. I am interested to topics on some important GNOME components and GNOME roadmap and progress, and I am also interested to input methods, so I sit into Korean input method and l10n session although it is presented in Korean.

And I also did something fun to promote GNOME – jump with GNOME! The concept behind this is, we are happy with GNOME and use it, contribute it.

I must say, Korea team did great.

Just finished an online irc meeting to revising summit this year, and we will start to work on next summit soon.

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