Opening Speech of Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2017

The Honourable Legislative Councillor Charles Mok,
Dr. Toa Charm, Chief Public Mission Officer, Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited
Dr. Haggen So, President, Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association
Distinguished Speakers, Guests, Fellow Hackers and Free and Open Source Software Supporters, welcome to the fifth Hong Kong Open Source Conference.

When I was founding chairman of Hong Kong Linux User Group in 1997, I starts to involve in this global open Source community.

10 years ago, I hopes I will visit FOSDEM in Europe with several thousands of open source developers.

In 2011, it is my first year to attend COSCUP in Taiwan, attending my first open source conference in my life, joins with other 1,200+ participants. It was tearing in my heart to meet with wonderful open source community outsides Hong Kong in person.

In 2016, according to Linux Weekly News’s community calendar, open source conferences occurs in 90% of days between March and November.

5 years ago, we started the first Hong Kong Open Source Conference, and try to bring overseas developers and global open source technology culture to Hong Kong. It is an only opportunity for Hong Kong people to meet them in Hong Kong, without travel to other cities.

This is my heart to organise Hong Kong Open Source Conference and we must continue in next year. And we looks forward the conference becomes the Hong Kong or Asia version of FOSDEM.

And I would like to thank our sponsors.

Platinum Sponsor is Cyberport.

Gold Sponsors are Gandi and IBM.

Silver Sponsors are MySQL and Microsoft.

Prize Sponsor is Jetbrains.

Drink Sponsors are Tranquini and Glaceau vitaminwater.

And 3 Patrons who are individual supporters.

Thank you all of them and thank for all of you to participate HKOSCon.

Thank you.

(It is original script of Opening Speech of Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2017 by Mr. Sammy Fung, Conference Chair, HKOSCon 2017)

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2015年OSHK報告 (活動篇)


我已經安排在 12 月初,開一次 Open Source Hong Kong (OSHK) 的週年執行委員會會議。會議上我會先總結大家 OSHK 在今年所做的工作,所以也順道準備了這一篇blog,在這來作多一份公開報告。打算經過執行委員會討論 2016 安排後,可能我便離開創會多年的 OSHK 了。在這之前,我亦打算辭去 COTA 創會董事。


總結 2015 年 OSHK 所主辦和協辦活動,在今年方針改變下,仍能保持每個月進行一項活動。

  1. HKOSCon 2015 和 PyCon HK 2015
  2. 兩場 IBM 贊助的 Workshop Events
  3. 協辦 Cyberport Open Data Idea Jam 2015 (5月) 和 Solution Day 2015 (3月)
  4. 兩場在八月份 RISEConf 2015 期間,在場外舉行的 Open Source Startups 有關活動,分別邀請到 ElasticSearch 和 WordPress 創辦人來到分享。
  5. 兩場合辦活動 – Java (Java User Group) 和 Web Scraping (R User Group)
  6. 五場 Open Source Tech Talks (1-4月、10月份) 當中包括一場在 IT Fest 舉行
  7. 安排本地開源社群人士與立法會議員 (資訊科技界) 莫乃光議員作一個會議講述本地開源社群發展

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[OpenSourceHK] 2013 Review and 2014 Planning

Hi all open source friends,

Open Source Hong Kong wishes you have a merry X’mas! 聖誕節快樂!

Hereby I would like to summaries what did we do in 2013 and look forward what we will do in 2014.

A big successful year of Open Source Hong Kong in 2013

In 2013, we are grateful that we organized first Open Source Conference in Hong Kong in October successfully, thanks for 30 speakers from Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Australia to give talks, and over 150 participants attended the conference. Thanks RackSpace, RS Components, City University of Hong Kong, other sponsors, supporting organizations and volunteers.

And we also organized and supported the following events in 2013 as well.

– 6 open source workshops.
– 1 open source seminar at ITFest 2013 coordinated by OGCIO of HK Government.
– 1 Raspberry Pi workshop.
– few casual meetups at upstairs cafe.

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