Happy 15th birthday, Debian!

6 Hong Kong users of Debian/GNU and its derivatives celebrated 15th birthday of Debian/GNU project at a upstair cafe shop in Mongkok with free wifi internet. It is a wonderful night for us to meet up, and we made a a new friend – Mike, thanks for your participate and see you in future events.

We got 1 problem and 1 error tonight but it doesn’t affect our party. Our booking record at original cafe venue is eventually lost (Would it cancelled in phone by someone ???), finally the party was moved to another cafe in same building, and we posted a memo at the front door of original cafe venue for the floor number of new & final cafe venue. And an error was found by spacehunt that the Debian/GNU logo on the top of the birthday cake was mirrored by baker.

(Above picture is a corrected version, thanks GIMP. XDDD)

The birthday cake is cut by one of Hong Kong Debian developers – spacehunt.

(Above picture is also a corrected version)

Besides drinking, eating and cake cutting, we brought few Ubuntu netbooks (and my notebook) to chat about applications running at GNOME on Ubuntu mobile (in harddisk and in USB thumb), some open-source affairs and news. Henry installed and showed Debian with GDM login and virtual keyboard on his Neo FreeRunner.

And we watched Olympics beijing man basketball (China vs Germary) on a TV set and 1st match in new season 08/09 of England Premier League (Arsenal vs WBA) on another one.

首次使用 Etch 的少少感覺

客戶需要在其 Fedora 上安裝一套的 wiki 軟件,可是這套 wiki 使用幾十個 perl modules,我嘗試在 Fedora 直接經 CPAN shell 安裝,可惜有些模組需要 Apache 1.3 源碼,所以放棄了用 Fedora,改試用 Debian。

昨天第一次取出 Debian Etch for x86 來安裝在自家電腦上,首先在 CD boot loader 看見 boot parameter 有 installgui 來載入 GUI 安裝程式選擇,不錯。

在安裝後進入 GNOME,Wow!真友善,我覺得它已追近了 Ubuntu,不過仍需改進,這年代的桌面系統應該比以前更親民,簡易安裝便能提供一般桌面用家使用的軟件功能。

說回測試那套 wiki 軟件,經過我在 aptitute 上搜尋及安裝所需 perl 模組及有關 debian 套件後,已經有一半所需 perl 模組已乎合軟件 ./configure 要求,不過有一些已安裝的 perl 模組版本仍然落後軟件要求一段距離,在 debian 網頁上找過 unstable/testing 也沒有新版本,以及還有十個 perl 模組沒有 debian 套件。在經 CPAN shell 安裝後,終於可以解決了,再花少少時間設定便成功安裝了。

希望在正式安裝時,Debian Etch for AMD64 可以直接成功安裝在客戶的 Dual-Core 伺服器上吧。