Report of Software Freedom Day Hong Kong 2011

In software freedom day Hong Kong 2011, a stroked senior demonstrated how he types chinese characters with Stroke 5 input method, it shows how does free and open source software (F/OSS) help people to communicate with each others.

Stroke 5 input method is simplified input method of chinese, available on Linux platform. seniors told us that they doesn’t need to memories representation of 26 english keys in traditional chinese input methods. With only 5 keys (ie. NM,./) representing 5 type of stroke in chinese writing, seniors and children who know how to write a chinese character in correct stroke orders can input chinese words easily.

Stroke 5 project leader and social worker, Mr Kingman Leung said that the make of input reference table with 10,000+ chinese characters are completed by local seniors few years ago. With assistance of debian developers, stroke 5 is added to SCIM and some other input method engines. He would like to invite open source developers to port stroke 5 to other platforms, including android and meego.

Open Source 3D Printer – RepRap.

Mr Parker Leung is a D&T (Design & Technology) teacher from a local secondary school. He took a RepRap to SFDHK and share how a open source printer makes different possibilities, from creating a 3D printer to making chocolate.

2 tracks of free software talks

SFD Hong Kong team runs Software Freedom Day 2012 at 2 tracks in different rooms in City Univerisity of Hong Kong, which supports local LUG and F/OSS events over 10 years. Hong Kong team is formed by Hong Kong Linux User Group and Open Source Hong Kong.

Talks are hosted in a lecture theatre with over 100 seatings.

Unconference are hosted in another classrooms with 40 seatings. Mr Andy Li introduced haXe, and Mr Jimmy Wong started a group discussion of python programming and HKPUG.

Linux, Java and MeeGo

Dr. Haggen So, new chairman of Hong Kong Linux User Group talked on the topic of 「Linux in 20 Years」, and we invited friends from other local user groups to join us at SFDHK.

Mr. Sunny Chan, leader of Hong Kong Java User Group talked 「Open Source Java: The state of the union」, and Ms. Amanda Lam from Hong Kong MeeGo network shared the latest development of MeeGo platform.

Group discussions at BoF session

Full video playlist of SFDHK 2012 by @amandahoic

明天軟件自由日介紹開源 3D 打印機

還有一天,明天就是國際軟件自由日了 (9月17日)。香港 Linux 用家協會聯同香港城市大學和多個本地開源社群小組,在香港舉行軟件自由日。

今年,你可以看到甚麼呢 ?

一台可以自行買材料組裝、印出 3D 實物的開源 3D printer。由中學 D&T 老師講解。

只用鍵盤 5 個鍵代表筆畫的開源筆順五碼輸入法,長者和行動不便人士也可使用。由社工和長者介紹和示範。

Meego 最新發展和其平台最新流動上網產品展示。

你寫開 Java 程式嗎 ? 由本地 Java 專家講述開源 Java Development Kit (OpenJDK)。

今年是 Linux 二十週年,博士借機跟大家閒談 Linux 和開源軟件發展。

以上講題還不夠吸引?! 還有即日報名的 unconference 和 BoF。聽聞 python user group、libraoffice 正體中文團隊、java user group、似 ECMAscript 的 haXe 等社群朋友會鬥早到來搶!! (咦?!) 你也有題目想找人討論 ? 快些去 BoF 頁面張貼題目,或別忘早點來報名 unconference 啊!

詳情可到 Software Freedom Day Hong Kong 頁面,和到 facebook event page 報名。沒有 facebook ? 當天來就可以了。

還有兩天 – 軟件自由日 @ BarCampHK

還有兩天,就到今年 Software Freedom DayBarCamp Hong Kong 的日子了。

寫這篇網誌的下午,我已決定了 Software Freedom Day 的內容,不會再加減或修改了。昨天仍終於收到超過一百只從荷蘭空運過來的 Ubuntu 10.04 CD,BarCamp 當天會在會場免費索取,先到先得。

預先安排的 Software Freedom Day 全部講題會推遲至 BarCampHK 的下午時段才正式開始。除此預先安排的講題外,也迎合 BarCamp 的 unconference,邀請各位早些來到 PolyU Core P 地下 G/F MIC Studio,出席 BarCamp 早上 9:30 的 Kick-off Session,加入任何有興趣和大家分享的 F/OSS (Free / Open Source Software) 有關講題。 Continue reading 還有兩天 – 軟件自由日 @ BarCampHK