Barcamp HK 2007 is awesome

Barcamp HK 2007 group  photo

I arrived to barcamp in 9:50am on Saturday (and didn’t late), I joined it because:

  • To meet with people who I heard, never meet before or didn’t meet for a number of years.
  • To find out how does they organise barcamp event and difference between barcamp event and old local Linux/OSS events.

I met some web 2.0 developers, entrepreneurs and bloggers in Yahoo HK office. Some free foods, drinks, t-shirts, venue are provided by sponsors. Each sessions are 30-minutes long with 3 rooms, so we got 18 sessions in a day. I feel it still lack of minutes for speakers, I think 45-minute long will be better, and we can also gather some lighten talks (15 mins) and put them together.

Topics were in different areas – web, business, and social problems. William introduced one more programming language to me – Lua. Ca-Phun reminded me to make a right use on HTML tags.

A nice group photo of Barcamp Hong Kong 2007 taken by Ryanne.

I look forward to join next Barcamp in 2008.



4 Replies to “Barcamp HK 2007 is awesome”

  1. Fione: Yes, a lot of sessions are delivered in English, but few sessions will be delivered in Cantonese (and probably with English slides).

  2. I agree, BarCamp Hong Kong was great but the sessions were a bit too rushed, so sorry for not completing my talk. For that reason I have composed an article based on my BarCamp presentation. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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