I read a post yesterday on Facebook, which Vincent Lau is starting Code4HK. I hopes it is a good start for code4HK or, a Hong Kong edition of or codefortomorrow.

It’s not easy to organize a hackathon in Hong Kong unless awards will be given, so I am wondering whether anyone participating to or code4HK.

In order to start sth. insteads of nothing, I started hk0weather in February this year, and I helped HKU JMSC a bit to re-write their legcovotes last week, one of my purposes is aimed to do sth. like, and hopes my works could help and establish or  codefortomorrow in near future.

I hopes:

  • continues to work on development of hk0weather and maybe also legcovotes.
  • start a open weather data project next year to cooperate with and other countries in Northwest Pacific first.
    • typhoon current and forecast path data from different observatories in Northwest Pacific.
    • XML data formats for weather information.