GNOME.Asia Summit 2014 Beijing

Allan Day @ GNOME.Asia Summit 2014
I visited GNOME.Asia Summit 2014 in Beijing last weekend. My trip to summit is aimed to help to spread GNOME, summit and open source in Hong Kong press,  social networks and blogs.
Additionally, I am also a backup speaker in summit this year, to give a talk on weather information, open weather data and my experiences on two GNOME shell weather widgets.

I am involving in GNOME Asia committee and help to grow the GNOME in Asia. After my talk, I was 10 minutes late to attend Tobias session: Ramblings from the governing body of the GNOME Foundation. It is a good session for all of us to discuss and improve GNOME community. After some discussion on developing GNOME communities in Asia , I suggested that Asia committee can consider to discuss with the Foundation to allocate a annual budget, and then call for proposals which local communities organize event in their cities which helps to develop and bring more contributors to GNOME.
And we found that Indonesia and Japan will be new and potential local communities in Asia to organize upcoming GNOME Asia Summit. It helps us to bring GNOME and its contributors to new countries and meet with more potential contributors and users.
Lennart Poettering introduced how systemd is working with Linux kernel and GNOME, he also shared with us the future planning of systemd. systemd turns into a essential software which is first program launched in user space, and nowaday most of Linux distros uses systemd by default, and rest of them will use it as default in their next versions.
To summarize this trip, we share our knowledge and experiences and learn from others, and it is also a good time for Asia contributors and volunteers to meet and talk with contributors from Europe and America. And probably we have a task to help GNOME Foundation in Hong Kong in this year.
See you guys again in 2015.
My travel is sponsored by GNOME Foundation.
My travel is sponsored by GNOME Foundation.

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