Deep Purple live in Hong Kong

雖然現在仍是只認識 Smoke on the WaterHighway Star 兩首 Deep Purple 的經典歌曲,可能和 Beyond 同是英式搖滾,更是國際 Legend 級的老牌英式搖滾樂隊,所以對我來說很易入耳,在 youtube 看他們不同的 live 仍是百看不膩。

Highway Star – Deep Purple live in Sydney 2010

今年年頭偶然得知 Deep Purple 會來香港演出,他們年事已高,今次來港演出的狀態可能比上面十年前的影片有段距離,但很難說將來能不能再在這兒看他們現場演出,所以我藉這次難得的機會入場一看。

Summer Sales at HMV

I visited HMV shop in Causeway Bay this afternoon after work. And finally I found this two of my favourites are 50% off (HMV price) in their summer sales. I waited the price cutting of the D’s POD CD for a year, which was originally at around HKD 130-140, yeap!

And I found Deep Purple in concert with London Symphony Orchestra DVD at HKD 40 before going to cashier.

Before I looked at summer sales, I was looking at new release / recommended albums, and listen some interesting:

Avril Lavigne’s Best Damn Tour live in Toronto DVD will be released in August, and I am waiting for it.