Godaddy expiring domains in abnormal way

I just found today that one of my domains managed by godaddy was expired for over a month, and my domain is somehow “kidnapped” by a Chinese domain kidnapper this morning. I am trying to buy it back from domain kidnapper but it is not worth to take it back at higher cost.

In this experience, I found that Godaddy expiring domains in abnormal way. which is much different from past 20 years.

1. Godaddy always sends advertisement by email, so godaddy is filtered at my gmail and redirected to a sub-folder. So I missed its emails about my expired domain.

2. The most ridiculous thing is that, when the domain passed the expiry date (Jan 11), the DNS is still working for over a month?! So I was still receiving emails at my expired domain until this morning (Feb 24). The common sense in last 20 years for expired domains is that, DNS addresses should be temporary disabled/changed at registrar, and then web & email for expired domains are suspended in few days after domain is expired. But godaddy is no longer do this. So, I didn’t know that my domain is expired (and for a month ?!)

So, I think it is time for people to re-consider to move out from godaddy to other domain registrars.