Mozilla Community at Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2015


Mozilla community joined Hong Kong Open Source Conference (HKOSCon) again this year. HKOSCon is the only one and the largest open source conference in Hong Kong, and it is totally driven by volunteers in local open source community.

I planned to have a “All Day Mozilla” which is a single track allocated to Mozilla on Day 2 of HKOSCon 2015. Mozillians from Hong Kong, Taiwan and USA presented WebMaker, Privacy, FIrefoxOS input system and ES6 at this track.


As HKOSCon organizer and a Mozilla Rep in Hong Kong, it is a great opportunity for Mozilla to present and demonstrate what’s going on in Mozilla community. And thanks for Irvin Chen from MozTW Taiwan community helping to take care the Mozilla activities during HKOSCon this year, and inviting much more Mozillians from Taiwan to visiting Hong Kong to help.

Hayden Chung and Alan Chiang are Mozillians from Mozilla Hong Kong community and speaking at HKOSCon. Hayden talks about web privacy with Firefox add-ons, and Alan talk about ES6.


MozTW helps to setup and operate the Mozilla booth, and I allocated 2 standard booth tables to Mozilla at HKOSCon.


#FoxYeah is one of campaign we are doing at Mozilla booth. Mozilla booth is located at the open area, which thousands of engineers and workers at science park will work through the hallway everyday, esp. at lunch time. It’s good to FoxYeah promotion.

I am seldom to request budgets from Rep Council, because I prefer to work with any global/regional Mozilla campaigns/activities. I hopes Mozilla can participate HKOSCon again, and MozTW visit Hong Kong again next year. My idea for HKOSCon next year is that we involves more hand-on works during the conference, and make more potential contributions and user/developer engagement.

All above photos are taken by Irvin Chen released in Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.