MozCafe Hong Kong 2013.12

MozCafe Hong Kong 2013.12

Mozilla Hong Kong organizes its first MozCafe meetup today. Development of Hong Kong edition of Firefox web browser was suggested by users in local community, 10 participants attended MozCafe and discuss its possibilities.

Different localization/translation are discussed. Traditional Chinese is the primary language used in Hong Kong. Although word terms and writing languages (書面語) used in Hong Kong are different than Taiwan, another larger traditional chinese community, in last 10 years, contributors/volunteers in Hong Kong are decreasing, so it is difficult to recruit zh-hk translators.

For HK primary speaking language zh-yue (粵語), some translation may raise up serious argument.

To attract new users to use Firefox in Hong Kong, we should do something fun. It is suggested to make a unofficial HK edition of firefox web browser, and translate UI strings to trendy translation in Hong Kong, which matches local internet culture, for example, using some trendy words used in popular Hong Kong discussion forum HKGolden, and take the locale code zh-hk.

It will help to let Hong Kong people to know that firefox is open source software which is  customizable, then HK people know the benefit of open source, and help the promotion and education of open source culture and spread out ideas.

As trendy translation is funny to Hong Kong people, it is possible to recruit more users to use and contribute.

Action plans:

  • Wan Leung will study possibilities to develop a Firefox extension for on-fly translation.
  • studying which UI strings should be changed to trendy translation.
  • installating narro / pottle for web-based translation.
  • contact with our friends in HKGolden forum for advices, development and promotion.