Planning Firefox 4 Party Hong Kong

Hereby is what did I tell Mozilla team in order to get Firefox 4 launch party swag.

In the request form, they asked about our party, what do we plan to do with the swag? Other than giving out swag, tell them something interesting or cool that we plan to do for the event.

Dear Mozilla team,

We are still brainstorming for our party. Our party will be hosted on around 14th May, because we prefer Saturday and few onward Saturdays are special public holidays in Hong Kong, and people are out of town. And GNOME 3 HK Party will be hosted on 7th May by us.

We were formed from two teams which hosted Firefox 1 and Firefox 3 Party, and we are most active local OSS community guys & ladies. Firefox 3 party was reported by local bloggers, a radio programme at RTHK, maybe also computer magazines too,

With over 50 attendees in Firefox 3 Party in 2008, I created a facebook page “Firefox Hong Kong Users” to expand our local user network of Firefox. So, we expect 100-150 attendees this year.

Some Firefox 3 Party Hong Kong reference:

And for firefox 4 party, we made a google document for people to contribute their ideas, and it is a kind of open collabation.

Sammy Fung