Let’s go, BarCamp Hong Kong 2009

BarCamp makes people to share their brainstorming, technology learning, social and business networking.

3rd BarCamp Hong Kong is coming soon. I will introduce gogogo project (we also named it as GGG) with other developers, gogogo project is a web 2.0 community project based on Google maps which is started from few months ago.

We will make our first brief public announcement of gogogo project at BarCamp on this Saturday. And its offical announcement will be made on Software Freedom Day on next Saturday.

And discussion on user experiences of few Web 2.0/1.0 Hong Kong maps (gmap, openstreetmap, centamap, PTES, …..) is expected at our session.

Arron gives us a list of what participants want to share on BarCamp this year, and it is close to 200 people register for it now. I found some people metioned open source, Drupal and other Web 2.0 topics. It was lack of open source discussion in previous BarCamp Hong Kong, I am wondering any exciting outcome on open source in this year.

Let’s meet together on Saturday to say hello to me.

(Updated 12/9: Replaced GGG with gogogo on 1st public project announcement.)

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