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In order to announce offical launch of Google map Hong Kong, Google organises a meeting for media press and HK bloggers. We can see that Google thinks Bloggers are a important media in web 2.0 age. As a software developer and technology blogger, I joined the meeting and bloged for this meeting.

Thanks Google to give me a free dinner at IFC. And I met local bloggers, podcasters and technical guys in the meeting. It is a good chance to share ideas with google engineers from Beijing and Taipei office.

As you look out my blog, you found I am a google map API user – showing tropcial cyclone tracks and markers on any potential tropical disturbances in north-western pacific ocean on google map with its API, and I showed my TC track map to one of google engineer, Ben.

Their cantonese-speaking engineers introduced latest features on Hong Kong google map, and the most attractive 3rd-party deployment is deployed by HKJC, to show past horse racing on google map.

I talked with another google engineer about HK public traffic information. Although I am not asking about any business secret, I want to know whether they will add HK bus and van routes information on their map, he didn’t want to tell me their information sources of existing railway information nor planning on future development, but it seems the HK railway information is provided and added by others from public.

It is hard to figure out whether they will add these information. But I think HK bus & van routes information on google map is much useful than railway. And I was considering to gather bus information and add it to google map.

When I am blogging for this post, I found that the existing railway information is hosted at Google code and added by google engineers.

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