First go of gogogo at barcamp

Finally we made first go for gogogo project, first public announcement of gogogo project is given at barcamp.

We tells barcampers about 4 Ws of gogogo project, which are What ? Why ? Who ? When ?

What is gogogo project ?

Gogogo project is a open source web 2.0 transit trip planner, it is aimed to tell you how to go from point A to B by taking which public transits. It is sth. like Google transit, Yahoo travel, and Public Transport Enquiry Service (PTES) Hong Kong.

Gogogo project is based on Google Maps and Google App Engine with Django plus GAE patch. Besides a planner, it is a collaborative transit data management system as well. Transit data is maintained by the user community.

Our project is aimed to develop a successful open source, community maintained, collaborative project in Hong Kong.

Why and when did we start gogogo project ?

Pilot version of PTES was launched by Transport Department on 28th April with all major media’s coverage (TVs, Radios, Newspapers). It causes HK citizens try it out on first day. With few thousand concurrency access to PTES, difficulties on PTES access and operations are discussed on twitter, plurk, blogs and discussion forums in Hong Kong.

Discussion and callup to folk a open source project was started on 2nd day of PTES launch. And it is rarely to attract 10 open source developers and contributors, to show their interests to project and attend first project meetup on 6th May.

I made a little video showcase on the night before barcamp, it describes the operation and some strange on PTES. The video is uploaded to youtube.

Status of gogogo project

Beta version is first disclosed at barcamp. The beta system provides MTR data only at this moment, we started to look for beta testers to try it out, any feedbacks to google group for our discussion are welcome.

And we will offically introduce and discuss gogogo project again at Software Freedom Day 2009 Hong Kong on Saturday, let’s register it!

Reference (Chinese): Gogogo 香港 Barcamp.

Gogogo 香港 Barcamp

在網上說了數月 「GGG」 或 「去去去」 後,經過星期六在香港 barcamp 作演說後,終於可以明正言順對大家說 gogogo 計劃了。

在 barcamp 當日,我們主要說了有關 gogogo 的四個 W - 甚麼 (What) ? 為何 (Why) ? 誰 (Who) ? 何時 (When) ?

Gogogo 到底是甚麼?

Gogogo 是一個公共交通路程計劃的開放源碼計劃。簡單來說,gogogo 會告訴你怎樣坐公共交通工具,從 A 點到達 B 點。它像 Google Transit、Yahoo travel、和香港的公共交通查詢系統(PTES)。

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Let’s go, BarCamp Hong Kong 2009

BarCamp makes people to share their brainstorming, technology learning, social and business networking.

3rd BarCamp Hong Kong is coming soon. I will introduce gogogo project (we also named it as GGG) with other developers, gogogo project is a web 2.0 community project based on Google maps which is started from few months ago.

We will make our first brief public announcement of gogogo project at BarCamp on this Saturday. And its offical announcement will be made on Software Freedom Day on next Saturday.

And discussion on user experiences of few Web 2.0/1.0 Hong Kong maps (gmap, openstreetmap, centamap, PTES, …..) is expected at our session.

Arron gives us a list of what participants want to share on BarCamp this year, and it is close to 200 people register for it now. I found some people metioned open source, Drupal and other Web 2.0 topics. It was lack of open source discussion in previous BarCamp Hong Kong, I am wondering any exciting outcome on open source in this year.

Let’s meet together on Saturday to say hello to me.

(Updated 12/9: Replaced GGG with gogogo on 1st public project announcement.)